World Cinema Award Winners Announced in Los Angeles


Winners include Antonio Banderas, Bong Joon-Ho, Honeyland, I Lost My Body, Parasite, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire with Spotlight Awards for Mati Diop, Joanna Hogg, Claire Mathon and UniFrance

Los Angeles, CA February 6, 2020— GLOBAL CINEMATHEQUE announces the winners of its augural World Cinema Awards. Founded by Jacqueline Lyanga and co-founded by Jasmine Jaisinghani, the World Cinema Awards celebrates the best international cinema of year across ten (10) categories including Global Narrative, Director, Actress, Actor, Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Score, Global Animation, and Global Documentary. The World Cinema Awards celebrate the talent in films produced outside of the United States in the official language of the producers and directors of the films.

“GLOBAL CINEMATHEQUE and the World Cinema Awards were born of the passion for international cinema that co-founder Jasmine Jaisinghani and I share. The awards are a new platform for films made outside of the United States through which we hope to expand the global reach of international cinema,” said Jacqueline Lyanga, founder, GLOBAL CINEMATHEQUE, “There are extraordinary films being made all over the world and we want to bring the work of these talented artists to the attention of new audiences; there is a need for the awards season to more authentically reflect the culture of the world in which we live.”

This year, UniFrance will receive GLOBAL CINEMATHEQUE’s World Cinema Cultural Spotlight Award at the Résidence de France in Los Angeles on February 10, 2020 in collaboration with the French Consulate’s celebration for the French Academy Award nominees hosted by Natalie Soirat, Deputy Consul General and Acting Consul – Consulate General of France in Los Angeles. Newly appointed UniFrance Executive Director Daniela Elstner and UniFrance President Serge Toubiana will be on hand to accept the award.

Three additional GLOBAL CINEMATHEQUE Spotlight Awards will be given, for Creative Vision, Craft, and Discovery.

This year’s list of winners reflects the best global cinema of 2019. International film festival and film museum directors, programmers, curators and US-based film journalists formed the selection committee, bringing together two communities that are immersed in the global cinema landscape throughout the year.


Global NarrativeWinner: Parasite
The 2nd and 3rd runner-ups in this category are Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Pain and Glory.

DirectorWinner: Bong Joon-Ho for Parasite
The 2nd and 3rd runner-ups in this category are Céline Sciamma for Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Pedro Almodóvar for Pain and Glory.

Actress – Winners (Tied): Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant for Portrait of a Lady on Fire. The 2nd and 3rd runner-ups in this category are Viktoria Miroshnichenko for Beanpole and Mama Sane (Mame Bineta Sane) for Atlantics.

ActorWinner: Antonio Banderas for Pain and Glory
The 2nd and 3rd runner-ups in this category are Song Kang-Ho for Parasite and Tom Mercier for Synonyms.

ScreenplayWinner: Parasite written by Bong Joon-Ho and Han Jin Won; story by Bong Joon- Ho. The 2nd and 3rd runner-ups in this category are Portrait of a Lady on Fire written by Céline Sciamma and Pain and Glory written by Pedro Almodóvar.

CinematographyWinner: Kyung-pyo Hong for Parasite The 2nd and 3rd runner-up in this category is Claire Mathon for Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Atlantics.

EditingWinner: Jinmo Yang for Parasite
The 2nd and 3rd runner-ups in this category are Julien Lacheray for Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Teresa Font for Pain and Glory

ScoreWinner: Jaeil Jung for Parasite
The 2nd and 3rd runner-ups in this category are Alberto Iglesias for Pain and Glory and Jean-Baptiste de Laubier and Arthur Simonini for Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

Global AnimationWinner: I Lost My Body
The 2nd and 3rd runner-ups in this category are The Swallows of Kabul and Weathering With You.

Global DocumentaryWinner: Honeyland
The 2nd and 3rd runner-ups in this category are For Sama and The Cave.

Spotlight Award – Creative Vision: Joanna Hogg, Writer/Director, The Souvenir

Spotlight Award – Craft: Claire Mathon, Cinematographer, Atlantics and Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Spotlight Award – Discovery: Mati Diop, Writer/Director, Atlantics

Cultural Spotlight Award: UniFrance
GLOBAL CINEMATHEQUE is honored to announce UniFrance as a recipient of its inaugural World Cinema Cultural Spotlight Award. The award honors UniFrance’s 70th Anniversary and the extraordinary work that UniFrance has done in those 70 years to promote French cinema throughout the world.

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